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NEWS FLASH.................CAMPUS CLIMATE RESEARCH UPDATES JUST IN: How important are issues of religion and spirituality to our students here at Utah State University? What percentage of our undergraduates belong to different spiritual/religious traditions? What role do these various faith commitments play in our campus climate, especially in terms of the goal to foster diversity and inclusion on campus? Answers to these questions and many others can be found on our "Campus Climate Research" page. From there, you can navigate to the most recent  IDEALS (Interfaith Diversity Experiences and Attitudes Longitudinal Survey) final report to learn how we compared with more than 30 other public universities in this four-year survey of more than 120 colleges and universities all around the U.S.

We live in an increasingly diverse religious landscape (both nationally and internationally). This diversity often leads to conflict because of stereotypes, misunderstanding, negative assumptions, and outright fear of religious “Others.” Interfaith cooperation is about more than “tolerance” of religious difference. Instead, it is a call to action, entreating us to engage with others of differing faith traditions constructively — because rather than in-spite of, our beliefs.

The USU Interfaith Initiative began with the goal of creating a greater sense of connectedness on campus with all persons not just in spite of varying backgrounds but because of a greater appreciation for diversity of faith, culture and tradition. The initiative has evolved to create a more welcoming and interconnected campus by offering both curricular and co-curricular opportunities for gaining the skills, knowledge and vision necessary to navigate the religiously complex world in which we live. We draw liberally upon the work of our friends at Interfaith Youth Core as we continue to develop new ways to encourage authentic sharing, appreciative engagement, and service--across religious divides--to build a more compassionate and welcoming campus (and society)! Have a look around our website to see what we've been up to...and where we're headed! And, for more on how to promote the development of interfaith leadership in your club or organization, check out the on-line course developed by Interfaith Youth Core and Dominican University, here.

For more about who we are and to meet some of our amazing students, watch the video on the right. For more about how we got started and who we are, Visit our overview page. For more about upcoming events, see our Facebook page!

Multifaith support for all Aggies!

Reflection room

The USU Reflection Room is available to all Aggies from 8:30-5:00 pm, Mon-Fri, Military Science 213A. For those seeking a place to share/reflect with others, two new programs (in collaboration with local Clergy and with CAPS) provide both group and individual support for any and all who are exploring spiritual/religious matters or experiencing any kind of existential distress. For information on these two initiatives, click here.

Interfaith Events (and Organization Contacts) on Campus and in Our Community

interfaith in our community

There is so much going on in our community to support and affirm interfaith diversity. To learn about how to get involved, meet your neighbors and to build positive relationships of interfaith cooperation, be sure to check out what's happening both in Logan and in our surrounding communities.

Interfaith Student Association Events

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Our vibrant Interfaith Student Association hosts multiple events where you can learn about other religious traditions and learn how to engage appreciatively with those whose faith commitments are different than your own. They also have weekly meetings at 6:00 pm on Tuesday nights in TSC 3rd floor MSS Lounge. Check out our Facebook feeds for current events.

Handy Interfaith Calendar

Interfaith Calendar

Becoming aware of the days that religious and spiritual traditions hold sacred is crucial to building relationships of interfaith cooperation. Here's a handy calendar for 2019. To download the calendar and more detailed explanatory notes, click on the picture above.

Interfaith Leadership Certificate Program



A Welcoming and Inclusive Campus

next training

The Interfaith Student Assosiation holds weekly meetings at 6:00 pm on Tuesday nights in TSC 3rd floor MSS Lounge. We encourage all students interested in becoming interfaith leaders or students looking for a safe space to talk about their religious or nonreligious traditions to attend their events. We will continue to post events, statements, and activities that reflect our institution's commitment to lift one another up in these troubled times. Read more...