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# March 1, 2017

Hey everyone!


We have a combined event with LIFE this week.  We'll be playing Jeopardy at our usual time (MMS Lounge at 6:00 pm).  If you come to no other event this semester, please come to this one!  It will be a lot of fun, there will be cake (and potentially pizza), and we get to show support for our fellow Access and Diversity members.


We hope to see you on Thursday!

Erica, Alexander, Sarah, Geo, and Jacob

# October 17, 2016

Hello Everyone!

This is a short email this week!  A HUGE thanks to everyone who came with us on our religious sites tour of Salt Lake on the 8th of October.  It seemed like everyone had a whole lot of fun and we learned a lot!  Also a big shout out to everyone who came and participated at our Diversity Week event: the Human Library Faith Edition.  The Herald Journal covered the event, and you are more than welcome to read the article if you would like to learn more about what we did!


 human library

Human Library event aims to spark religious discussion at USU

The Human Library: Faith Edition event on the USU campus on Wednesday aimed to improve religious literacy on campus and create an opportunity for open, positive discussion.

We are trying to get a classroom panel program up and running. If you are interested in going into classrooms and speaking on a panel about your faith and how it has impacted your experience here at USU, please email us at


I hope everyone has a great week as we go into fall break! 

Erica Hawvermale

IFSA President


IFSA Events

Oct 20 - Movie Night 7-9 pm in Business 215.  We'll be watching Uprising

# October 3,2016

Hello Everyone!

This week I have an invitation for anyone interested:  Access and Diversity is working to put together a Diversity Week next week and we need your help.  IFSA will be hosting a "Human Library: Faith Edition" on Wednesday the 12th from 12-2 in the TSC international lounge.  The event will be very similar to speed-faithing if you have participated in one of our activities in the past, but instead of someone presenting their religion to a table group of people, they will be talking on a more one-on-one basis with students.  If you are interested and willing, we still need more people to be our "books."  Please email if you'd like to become involved.  Also if you have time please feel free to participate in the rest of the Diversity Week activities.  I will get the final schedule out to everyone on Monday, but I know there's going to be a dance party on the TSC Patio around lunchtimeon Friday.  Should be a lot of fun.

This week we won't be having a traditional planned meeting on Thursday due to our religious sites tour of Salt Lake this Saturday, however if you want top stop by and hang out you are more than welcome to!  If you are signed up for our religious sites tour and are available during our club meeting time (Thursday 6-7 in the TSC MMS Lounge) try to come by for some last minute reminders about the trip.


IFSA Events
Oct 6 - Meeting 6-7
Oct 8 - Religious Sites Tour of Salt Lake


Access and Diversity Events
Oct 10-14 - Diversity Week, various times and locations 


Interfaith Initiative Affiliated Events
Oct 8 - Logan Interfaith Pride Service   for more information visit the "event" page on facebook.



Thank you everyone and have a good week!

Erica Hawvermale
IFSA President

# September 26, 2016

Good evening, IFSA! 


We hope you're enjoying your week thus far! As you know, we will be sending out weekly emails to give you all updates on what the Interfaith Student Association has been up to as well as highlighting upcoming events. 


Coming up this week we will be having our usual Thursday meeting at 6:00pm in the MSS Lounge of the TSC. However, this week's is special because we are going to be having a potluck dinner! Feel free to bring whatever goodies you so choose, but do remember that many of our members have various dietary restrictions concerning meat and other foods. Our secretary, Sarah Hammon, will be bringing in meatballs and our vice president, Alexander Gaeta-Troutner, will be bringing in enchiladas. Do feel free to help them out and bring it food for Thursday!


Furthermore, as you may know, the IFSA is going to be taking a minibus down to Salt Lake City on Saturday, October 8th for a Religious Sites Tour! We'll be leaving the university around 1:00pm that Saturday and returning between 8 and 9:00pm later that evening. We'll be touring around and inside of various religious sites in Salt Lake City, but spots are limited (Not only on the bus but also in the amount of people we are willing to take into a religious building)!


We have 4 more spots available, so, if you would like to RSVP and attend the sites tour, please reply to this email or directly to Alexander at . We will need your name, first and last, as well as your phone number and the name and phone number of an emergency contact for you. Do bear in mind that you cannot attend the tour if you do not provide us with this information or if you are not a full-time USU student. Once you RSVP, we will send you an itinerary. This is first come first serve, but, if you aren't sure whether or not you can go, please afford the opportunity to someone else who would like to. 


Finally, thank you to all of you who managed to get this far in the email! We really do hope you have a wonderful week and we hope to see you on Thursday, ready to eat!


USU Interfaith Student Association

Access and Diversity Center

# September 19, 2016

Hello Everyone!

It's been another great week at USU. If you get a chance, check out today's Statesman; IFSA is featured on the third page.  Also, coming up, we have been invited to participate in Diversity Week in October.  We will be hosting "Human Library: Faith Edition" in the International Lounge.  This event will mirror the Human Library that our Library does every month.  We will ahve club members of different faiths talking to students about their religious tradition and what it's like being that faith on this campus.  It'll be like speedfaithing, but more one on one.  If you are interested in participating in that as a human book, please contact us about it!  It will be held on Wednesday during the day, but we are still hammering down the exact times.

That's all I have!

Erica Hawvermale, President

IFSA Events:

Thursday, September 22nd: Movie Night- Luminous Journey; 7 PM Business 215
Sunday, September 25th: Episcopal Church Visit- 10:30 AM St. John's Episcopal Church (85 E 100N)
Thursday, September 29th: Potluck and Discussion- 6 PM MMS Lounge of the TSC (Our normal meeting place.)
Saturday, October 8th: Salt Lake Religious Sites Walking Tour- Afternoon, bus will be leaving around 1:30 PM
Wednesday, October 12th: Human Library:Faith Edition (Part of Diversity Week) - International Lounge during the day