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What's a "student interfaith leader" and why should I attend the I-WILL in April

A student interfaith leader is someone who has the vision, the knowledge, and the tools necessary to help create a climate of interfaith cooperation while mobilizing their campus for positive social change. Interfaith cooperation, more than anything else, is about "building bridges" between people who orient around religion differently--something that's pretty important in the religiously diverse tapestry that describes American society today.

At this Interfaith Leadership Lab, you'll learn how to talk about the commitments you hold most dear while gaining appreciative knowledge about and building meaningful relationships with those who are different than you. You'll build networks and learn tools about how you can foster appreciative knowledge and healthy dialogue about difference on your campus while making new friends and building strong networks of support with students who feel just as strongly about building capacity for interfaith cooperation as you do. This Intermountain West Interfaith Leadership Lab (I-WILL) has been designed with the particular challenges and opportunities in mind that we all face here in the Intermountain West--a place of relatively low religious diversity but very high interest in religion. By the end of this two day workshop, you'll be able to

  • Share the personal inspirations and the religious/philosophical aspects of your identity that motivate you to do interfaith work with others.
  • Engage in constructive conversations about difficult issues and potential challenges of interfaith work with people across lines of difference.
  • Identify assets on your campus to help you create change, and find an action issue that is right for your campus community.
  • Envision next steps for when you return to campus, including participating in the year-round Better Together network.
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We've got a lot of great activities planned to help you get the most out of your two days in Logan. On Friday evening in the USU Taggart Student Center, you'll have dinner together with other I-WILL participants and begin to make new friends. Afterwords, USU's Interfaith Student Association will host a "meet and greet" social and program. Early Saturday. (breakfast is provided) you'll get to hear from Interfaith Youth Core's Carr Harkrader. At that session, Carr will lead an interactive session that will help you learn to articulate and share your religious, spiritual, humanistic, agnostic, atheist, or other core commitments and values in clear and powerful ways. After lunch together, you'll engage in some high-impact break-out sessions with other I-WILL participants where everyone will get a chance to further develop and practice the vision, knowledge, and tools of interfaith leadership. All along the way there will be plenty of time to network and get to know each other.